Adult & Family Services

We offer programs designed to assist individuals and families live the most productive lives possible to the benefit of the communities in which they live. 


Neighborhood Association

The Working Together As One neighborhood association is made up of concerned adults living in the neighborhood and desire to make positive change in their community. Additionally, they function as an advisory council to Bridge Ministry in developing programming that will benefit and support the neighborhood. 

Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study allows for the presentation of Christ's teachings in a practical way. The 100X Men's Bible Study meets every Wednesday and the Women's Bible Study meets every other Monday. 

Parent-Bridge Connection

Parent-Bridge Connection consists of the parents and guardians of students who attend during the school year. They were formed to strengthen and promote education and communication among families, to aid in fundraisers and family night activities, and to provide additional support where needed to the Bridge staff. 

Additional Activities

Additional programs and activities for the adults include gardening, job readiness, health & wellness, travel club and a housing initiative.